Not Katherines.

Most of you are familiar with this young adult fiction by John Green. He’s an author and vlogger and very active on Twitter.  As a matter of fact, he’s one to follow if you’re a writer who wants to learn more how to tweet.

Get your phone now and type in your Safari search bar “twitter tips for writers”. You’ll likely get hundreds of matches from popular media sites and blogs. There are a lot of these articles because writers should tweet differently from other people online.

Just how special it is to be a writer?

Uhmm…not like they’re superhumans. As a writer, you’d like to create the best impression of you in the eyes of your followers.  Majority of your followers are your readers. Your readers are the one bringing in books sales.

Today, I’m not giving Twitter tips for you.


I’m here to tell you about how to extend your love for literature to Twitter. According to Wikipedia, the literary use of Twitter is now called “Twitterature”. Rayne Hall, author of Twitter for Writers, has recommended this as one of her valuable tips for writers on Twitter.

Guess how many characters we are talking about here?

I see you all raising your hands. Yes, 140 characters.

            “But what work of literature can I write with just 140 characters?”

Well, allow me to start…


This form of poetry is most suited to Twitter. Always short and sweet. It’s an unrhymed verse of Japanese origin containing three lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables, respectively. You can even post one or two hashtags and will still be within 140 characters.


Twisters (also called micro-short stories)

Not the McDonald’s seasonal fries.

Because of the inherent limitations of Twitter when it comes to character count, Twister was born. It’s a story in a single tweet with exactly 140 characters originally started by Arjun Basa who goes by the same Twitter username. He’s not a lazy guy. ALL of his Twisters are strictly 140 characters.

It looks like it’s a good practice to write very, very short stories like this. When writing a novel, you or your editor will sure take out unnecessary words. By writing a full story with just 140 characters, you’re consciously simplifying your sentences. The best thing about it is, you’re just tweeting and probably taking some time off writing your book.

Thanks to me? Nah, no biggie…



Probably not something you have heard a lot.  But if you are one who is observant and opinionated, you can try writing one of these.  They’re attractive for their brevity which is why it’s suited to Twitter.  Clean, straight to the point, and mostly profound.  Some use the classics and simply repost it while there are those, just like our example here, who craft their own.  Shows brilliance!

Aphorisms on Twitter are typically expressions of general truth written in a blunt form.


Twitter novels

They’ve about as old as Twitter.  People post a series of tweets to complete a novel.  What you see below is only an excerpt from a full novel by Nick Belardes who posts Twitter novels by the account @smallplaces.  From time to time, a Twitter novel becomes viral through the vines.  If you are inclined, make one of these and you might just turn out to be a Twitter novel superstar!

But what is the difference of Twitter novels from Twisters?

Twisters are a complete story in a single tweet with strictly 140 characters.  Twitter novels are a series of posts with 140 characters OR LESS.


If you have enough time, you can also explore Literary Classics and Legends allowing you to interpret classic works in tweet format and often using modern language.  And another one, there’s Collaborative Works where you can involve your Twitter followers to collaborate with you on a novel.

There are so many things you can do to increase the potential of your online presence as an author through social media.  Twitter is you best choice when it comes to putting out a good impression of you.  Yet no matter how simple this little app is, there are still things that are out of our common knowledge.  This is the reason why Hall has written every possible tip you should know when using Twitter.

Rayne Hall is the author of Twitter for Writers.  She has recommended Twitterature as things to tweet, among other things, because it not only represents your image as an author, but it keeps you in the zone.  This platform should not separate your from your artistry as a writer.  Hall has described detailed steps to building a reputation on Twitter and shares even her most embarrassing lessons from she was starting.

Her book is up on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.  You can purchase if you Click Here!

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