Do you know a SINGLE loyal, raving fan will sell more of your books than anything else? It’s true, word of mouth advertising has always been the #1 source for businesses and authors.


  • So, where do these people come from?
  • How do they find out about YOUR book?

Full Twitter Branding

Will put our best designers to work on your twitter account.

Account Managment

Will work on your account every week for 12 months at least.

Direct Message

Get at least 5k real fans, and even message everyone for you.


Do you know a SINGLE loyal, raving fan will sell more of your books than anything else? It’s true, word of mouth advertising has always been the #1 source for businesses and authors.

So, where do these people come from?
How do they find out about YOUR book?

We steal them.

Ok…we don’t actually ‘steal’ people…follow me here…

Do you really think a reader only reads ONE book? Of course not. So, if a fan of lets say Kym Grosso loves her books and you write in the same genre, doesn’t it make sense they are a HIGHLY TARGETED prospect?

Of course.

How do you find, connect and legally ‘steal’ her fans?


Yeah, I know…not everyone understands Twitter. Fortunately, we do.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  1. Send us your book and category.
  2. We’ll check the Best Selling books in your category.
  3. We’ll manually connect with their Twitter followers, promoting your book and/or freebie.

For example:

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section.
Look at the number of followers indicated by the red arrows in this random example:

We’ll then go into your categories and find MORE authors that write in the same genre as you and repeat the process.

​So that means all the followers you will get are THE VERY BEST, people who are already interested in your genre and would definitely love to read your books.

I will do this for ONE FULL YEAR.

That’s at least 12 months of hand selecting interested readers – people who already want to read the type of books you write!

In the end, you will be the coolest – most connected author on Twitter!

So, a quick overview – I will work with you for 12 months to grow your Twitter account to 5K or even 10k in the next 12 months, with ONLY people who would love to hear from you.

Imagine having 5000 extra REAL followers?


What about having 10,000 extra REAL followers liking, sharing and buying your books?

And all these people getting a private message from you thanking them for following you and letting them know about your book or product?

The lifetime value of each of these fans and readers is easily $1 or $2…probably much more, because they are targeted leads–people who already read books like yours and who are hungry for more.

The value of this type of engagement is well over $5000.

This is a service we have successfully sold to others for $3,997 and people loved it!

And as a recent author myself, I can tell you it’s a lot nicer to post on social media when someone is there to like or answer back Instead of just posting with zero feedback.

At $5,000 this would be an excellent value.

This works great, here are some screen shots we did on some of the a few twitter accounts.

As an author, myself, however, I know we love a great value but often start with a more modest budget.

Therefore, I’d like to give you an absolute INSANE value.

Imagine getting 5,000 or more raving Twitter fans, eager to buy and share your books for only t$59/month.

That’s it!

When you invest today, we’ll also include a research and Twitter redesign package.

I have used this method many times and I promise you, it works!

You can use this to:

  1. Make real connections with people interested in your product
  2. Build a responsive list of buyers who care and share
  3. Make hundreds of fan-friends who are guaranteed to be attracted to your next book

If you are interested in having someone help you grow your Twitter fans, grow your author brand and sell more books, this is the only time you will get this at this price.

But that means you have to take some responsibility. You need to maintain and answer your new fans and post interesting things on Facebook weekly for this to work.

I will only offer this service to 10 people, preferably authors.

As soon as these spots fill up, the link below won’t work.


Monthly – Click to buy $59/month + 147 setup fee

Yearly – $590/year + 147 setup fee (you get 2 months free)

These prices will probably double in the first days of 2016, so don’t wait. It might be to late. This is not an ebook or a video course, We will actually do ALL the work for you, so we can only accept a limited number of authors.

Grow your fan base NOW!


($245 Set Up Fee)
  • Everything From previous
  • Premium Support via Email/Skype
  • 2x the exposure

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds very interesting, but do I need to commit for 1 full year?

Yes and no, you don’t have to commit for a full year for sure, you can cancel at any time, but I will need a few months at least to deliver decent results.

The first stage is research and then I will slowly start to follow people that I know love reading books like the ones you write.

I saw people selling 5000 twitter followers for $3, whats up with that?

There are a lot of people offering for sale FAKE friends, this is not that, we are not selling robots or spam/fake account, we are running a serious twitter marketing management service and a fraction of the cost that other companies are selling it for.

Twitter followers does not guarantee book sales, does it?

Very good question, let me ask you this, will a 5000 list of readers in your newsletter guarantees sales? The answer is YES, if you have a great list and you treat it right you will make sales, there is no question about that.

You only have 6000 followers on your account, how can you ask me for money to help me with twitter?

We run over 40 Facebook and Twitter accounts with fans in all sorts of niches. A small startup we started last year USING only social media sold $200K or products, JUST using social media. If you want more proof of our social marketing success please let me know.

We really do know what we are doing.

Is this only for authors, or can you help other businesses?

No, this is not just for authors, but please contact us before you purchase. We'll review your business and let you know. Some business are not accepted.

For example insurance, its hard to promote insurance on social media using this system, most people never get on social media to learn about private insurance plans 🙂 However if you are a local business, a restaurant or a spa, we can really do help, we can target people in only your local area.

Only a few spots left? Again with the scarcity tactic?


We are selling an actual service, this is not a simple .pdf document, where you can sell unlimited copies, we actually work on your account every week to guarantee success and make sure we get the job done. We are not a huge company and we don't do any outsourcing just to guarantee the quality remains the same.

The buy button doesn't work? Or it say you are closed, what's up with that?

We spend most of the time closed to new members because we want to ensure the best performance and service possible for our current members.

From time to time we open the doors for a short period when we have new slots, or have added additional resources. We will ONLY email you when we open just to notify you. Simply fill in the form on the left to get notified next time we open.

Don't Be Shy

If you have any question, please use the contact form

P.S. What I am offering you is to grow your Twitter account to 5,000 to 10,000 highly engaged fans. These are the type of people who click the “follow” and “share” button because they love what you write.

That means no automatic bots…) and no weird countries either. We deliver only real, interested people.

P.P.S. Please reply to this email before you buy to see if spots are still available and get more info.

We only update the payment link every 24 hours, and I will cancel and refund people that were unable to contact me before purchasing to secure a spot in time.

Twitter Marketing Done for You - VIP (245/139)
Twitter Marketing Done for You - Premium (245/99)

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