“Enjoying a pint of Pistachio ice cream on a hot, sunny day!”

Uhmm…you can tweet better than that.

What’s so interesting about being a writer is, your followers would be chasing every word you write like gold. Information such as the weather and what meal you’re having should be best left to those who do not seek a credible reputation as an author.

And because you do, I’ve looked into the timelines of some authors and bloggers on Twitter and shared them here as a guide on what you should be tweeting about, keeping in mind the 80/20 rule where you talk about other’s contents 80% of the time and 20% your own.

Appreciation for your followers

Jodi Picoult is the author of My Sister’s Keeper, from which the movie with the same title was based.  The efforts of the overthinking teen was not put to waste after Jodi retweeted her tweet and even considered putting the playlist she created to her iPhone.  It’s such a nice gesture for the teen to create a playlist based on the novel but it’s even nicer that Jodi proudly shared it to her own timeline.


Inspirational and motivational quotes

Bob is known for his contributions in the book The Secret.  He’s a speaker, coach, and a bestselling author who wrote You Were Born Rich.  He’s a proponent of the law of attraction supporting the idea that you can be anything and get everything you want by changing your paradigm.


Support for the young ones


They’re the up and coming writers.  It was such a commendable gesture from an international bestseller who is largely known for the Alex Cross series.  Looks like young authors can have a chance to be as great a writer as he is because not only does he teach his writing techniques, he also engages them to co-author a book with him!  When you encourage the young ones and generously share your knowledge, you will be remembered not only for what you wrote but also for being the role model that the young ones can look up to.


A sincere “Thank you!”


Mayer is the author of Social Media Business Equation and CEO of Social Media Delivered.  By what she’s writing, it’s no wonder that she’s highly active on Twitter and communicates a lot with her followers.  Like this one time when her one of her followers tagged her in a tweet, she knew there’s nothing much to say but a heartfelt “thank you”.


Something funny


Meg Cabot is the woman behind the funny movie The Princess Diaries which was based on her novel of the same title.  She tweets some serious matters but mostly funny lines.  Her humor and wit were evident in her books and we like it!  But even if you’re writing about the more serious topics, it’s nice to loosen up a bit to give your followers something to laugh about.


A line from your book

Here’s one of our master storytellers that have ever graced the earth.  And we’re lucky we exist in the same lifetime as he does.  In his timeline, he mostly shares lines from his books.  Most of the time, they help us discover more about ourselves but that’s honestly a subtle way to attract more readership by making them excited to know more just from reading a line.





Initiate or join a Q&A session.  They help you connect more with your fans more than retweeting their tweets.  It’s a two-way road.  This kind of online activity is very engaging and allows both you and your fans acquire some insights from each other and maybe even learn some plot twists from their suggestions.




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